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This was the best part of that entire movie.

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6 Things I Wish My Parents Would Have Told Me (via sassellocinsass)

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1) I wish my parents would have told me that things can change so abruptly and sometimes so painfully and that all you can really do is just sit and stare blankly back at it. They never warned me about losing someone you loved and simply all the closure you can seem to get is a “I don’t love you anymore, I’m sorry.” and half of a wave goodbye.

2) I wish my parents would have told me that sometimes there is no fixing a person. That sometimes, a person simply is not broken. You can’t fix something that isn’t broken. Sometimes you are the person that is broken and needs the fixing. But humans are not medicine. They aren’t going to mend your broken bones or soothe the pain in your chest.

3) I wish my parents would of told me that just because you have an idea of a person, it doesn’t always prove to be the reality of that person. Sometimes the best liar can be your mind, intoxicated by attraction.

4) I wish my parents would have told me that not everything is as simple as we believe it to be. That sometimes, you have to continue to work and work at something, only to be shot back down again. Getting back up time after time can be difficult, but it wouldn’t hurt so god damn much mom and dad, if you would have informed me of its existence in the universe and the large roll it plays in our lives.

5) I wish my parents would have told me that among all of the drugs they tried so desperately to inform me of, the strongest known to mankind was love and the second, lust. More importantly, I wish they would have explained to me the difference between the two.

6) Finally, I wish that my parents would have told me that there is no avoiding getting hurt in this world. That I myself alone, am the hero of the story and I do not need to be saved.

My perfect man-

Intelligent. He would be well read, and have a large vocabulary. It’s so sexy when a man can teach me something. He would also be tough. Gentle with me, but know how to throw down in the bedroom, and respectfully put me in my place when i’m being an asshole. Goofy. A sense of humor is an absolute must. If you can’t make me laugh, you have nothing to offer me. I just want someone I can sit and smoke a blunt with, laugh and bullshit with each other, and talk about the universe and everything in it. I know he’s out there. Fuck, who knows if I’ll ever find him though.

Oh, god.

I was really hoping that was going to go a little better. I most likely won’t hear from that one again. I suck at first dates. :(

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